Saturday, November 25, 2017

been a while since i updated this

been a while since i updated this

the upcoming shows are now 'current'

we have a new practice space which is a five minute walk from my apartment

got a couple new songs
i don't know

feeling good


Friday, August 18, 2017

a music video

alex blocher, of nuclear moms, made this video using footage from our recent tour

also here is a short interview aaron & i did at the wexner center website 
this interview was done regarding our gig at the wexner center, which was cancelled because of the rain

thank you for your time

Sunday, August 13, 2017

blog post

friend of the band, and author of the poetry collections "young americans" & "if i really wanted to feel happy i'd feel happy already", jordan castro featured future nuns on the new york tyrant website

click here to visit jordan's website which has links to his writing, which i have consistently enjoyed since first reading things by him online in ~2009

the photo above was taken by another friend of the band, alex blocher of nuclear moms, somewhere in michigan during a small tour we did without laura

Thursday, June 22, 2017

here are the lyrics to the future nuns tape in 'courier' font

here are the lyrics to the future nuns tape in 'courier' font

the lyric insert to the actual tapes are annotated with informative footnotes

soon i will finish setting up a paypal account and will have the tapes for sale online



sitting in a bed i made
haven’t been doing much else lately
if you looked at me from far away
would i look comfortable?

i think i want to sleep for a while

i said “i’m acting in my own life now,”
you said “how much do they pay for that?”
you know, the thing is when you write it down
there’s always so much you’re leaving out

i think i’ve been asleep for a while


relationship problems
authority problems
housing problems
computer problems
made up problems
personal problems
drinking problems
sexual problems
community college


people will talk and when they do
you won’t wanna listen
it’s shit through their mouthhole
or shit through their asshole
everywhere, you’ll find it
if you’re looking

i’m letting it out

i was alone, all by myself
now i’m on vacation
i’m still alone, no one’s around
but there are pretty flowers in my hair

and i’m letting it down


public servants LED bathing
half price, your life
routine pleasure, constant ache
fear of rome, fear of rome
walls and borders
bus stops, abandoned magazines
no affect, no interests
modern life, modern dreams
fear of rome


natalie has a favorite backpack
but now she doesn’t know where it’s at
natalie has a bouncy ball and some string
natalie is trying to work on some things
eating gobstoppers in the graveyard
natalie is looking around
she’s got no better place to be
that’s why she’s sitting on the ground
natalie asks aloud, “isn’t it strange?
how everything here is dead but it’s still green?”

she has green hair now

looking in the mirror she sees GREEN HAIR NATALIE
she doesn’t know what seapunk is
she just knows she likes the sea
you like the time that y’all ate popsicles at the beach
you love her now but it’s hard because she’s catch and release
she has green hair now

she zipped up her backpack and she hopped on a bus out of town
on the road she likes it because it feels like no one’s around
nothing no more, too much, she needs more less
when natalie is alone she likes that best


long to be the left shoe
hard to be the right shoe
watch the people move
watch the people screw


holding your hand in the supermarket
and it seems like you don’t mind
moving my head in a circular motion
getting lost walking down the aisles
and when i started seeing straight
i was staring at you
when i started seeing straight
i was staring


all fuses have been fried
a desert bleak and dry
routines so dull and boring
no wonder why i’m snoring
all access is denied

i’m feeling the crash
sweeping piles of broken glass
rehash your favorite stories
of younger, former glories
the feeling never lasts

i’m taking out the trash


i have all the friends
hello i am the mouse
i have all the friends
because i serve cheese
at all my parties
i have all the friends
hello i am the frog
i have all the friends
because i set fire
to all the prisons
i have all the friends
hello i am the rabbit
i have all the friends
because i have
the mouse and the frog


it’s a culture we’ve learned to resist
silently and without raising our fists
it happens all the time
we’ll reject money and we’ll ignore people,
move beyond good and move beyond evil
into something nice

yeah, i know that it’s hard
giving up completely
but just stare at the wall
until you see your own reflection
in the chipping white paint
the routine and mundane
so familiar yet so hard to know
these machinery days
slip quickly away
and for them we don’t have much to show

eating vitamins to stay awake
working hard but not for too much pay
no, not for too much pay
you asked me why i never left ohio
and i said “i don’t know,”
and reached to flip the record for the second time


fifteen rays of sunshine
and everyone’s standing around
twenty minutes later
we all get off downtown
i cannot describe
the meaning of this painting
without my knife

there are seven billion assholes
and one of them is yours
expanding and contracting
for seventy years
i’d like to describe
the world i watch go by
the world i watch go by


white castle in the sky
i saw the diamonds in your eyes
there’s only clutter in your brain
a blank expression on your face
facing towards the sun
i miss the people when they’re gone
i don’t want to be ignored
but i don’t want to ask for more
white castle in the sky
i saw the diamonds in your eyes


food desert, strip malls
trash overflowing into the hallway
the sky was yellow and made of glass
we stood and watched it crack and shatter
food desert, strip malls
chinese takeout in the kitchen
used condoms on the sidewalk
smell like flowers, laundry detergent
food desert, strip malls
it’s been a while since you called me
i’m clean shaven, i’m working often
i’m up late smoking in the same rooms
that i once lived


you only see what you want to see
you know, i’m not seeing anyone
you can be who you want to be
look, ma, i’m an astronaut
floating away
the view’s great from space

a quiet day in the countryside
i walk alone down the interstate
i count the stars as commodities
as labor spent on a scenery
that’s all for me
i take what i please
each day


performed live at ace of cups, stereo board mix by nick schuld