Saturday, February 25, 2017

we played our first show, on 5/20/2016, as 'alex mussawir'
the following two shows were performed under the band name 'cowboy 2999', which appeared misspelled on both flyers

will try to update this later

4/29/2018 chicago, IL at subterranean with goody gel
4/28/2018 st louis, MO with goody gel
4/27/2018 little rock, AK
4/26/2018 denton, TX 
4/25/2018 austin, TX
4/23/2018 new orleans, LA at banks street bar
4/22/2018 hattiesberg, MS
4/19/2018 louisville, KY at spinellis pizza
4/2/2018 at ace of cups with ought
3/18/2018 at cafe bourbon street with wipeout
3/2/2018 at the summit with goody gel, field sleeper, winston hightower
12/18/2017 at ace of cups with radiator hospital
12/15 at cafe bourbon street with HYTWR, wharm
12/4 at the summit with cosmic family, bloody show, werewolf jones
11/21 at double happiness with cosmic family, nuclear moms

10/20 at used kids records re '30th anniversary party' with connections, bill fox

10/12 at cafe bourbon street with swim team, cosmic family
8/26 at double happiness with DROOL, cosmic family, wharm, the cryin' eno's
8/25 at the summit re 'vacation record release show' with vacation, the pink owl
8/17 at the wexner center re 'ziggy stardust' screening
8/6 hammtrammck, MI at trixie's with k9 sniffies
8/5 chicago, IL at floodhaus with goody gel + more
8/4 bloomington, IN at a house show with LOVE.GOV, ghastly
720 at ace of cups with priests, toxic womb
6/30 at cafe bourbon street with cosmic family, floating teeth, HYTWR
6/18 philadelphia, PA at lava space with the american jobs, dark web, missing earth
6/16 new york, NY at legion bar with the american jobs, unknown sender, psychic judge
6/13 athens, oh at CASA with the american jobs, nightstalker, SSS
6/12 at the summit with mardou, pretty pretty, the american jobs
6/10 cincinnati, oh at woodward theatre with mardou, ONO, homemade drugs 5/18 at big room bar with IPPS
5/5 at the summit with banny grove, polly pocket, egon gone & the sun dogs
4/28 at ace of cups with birds of hair, 20xx, voice cross, tommy jay
4/13 at ace of cups with protomartyr
4/10 cincinnati, OH at ice cream factory with selector dub narcotic, swim team
4/3 at the summit with slugging percentage, field sleeper
3/30 at dick's den with brat curse, sega genocide, weird science, [MIIIIM]
3/18 at ace of cups as THE AMERICAN JOBS FUTURE NUNS ENSEMBLE with the ham, 20xx
3/9 at ace of cups with the pink owl & his supernatural fears, drool
2/22/2017 at double happiness with tweens, sega genocide, didi
1/19/2017 at the summit with van dale, randall garbage
1/17/2017 cincinnati, OH at the comet with mardou, pretty pretty, chuck cleaver
12/12/2016 at used kids with aaron troyer, easy
12/3/2016 mansfield, OH at relax, it's just coffee with swim team, gym shorts, the touch
11/19/2016 at ace of cups with long odds, hugs & kisses, counterfeit madison, son of dribble
10/20/2016 at the summit with vacation, sonic avenues
9/3/2016 at ace of cups re 'anyway records showcase'
7/29/2016 at legion of doom with sidekick, toxic womb, disco 3000
5/20/2016 at cafe bourbon street with hytwr, pretty pretty

some flyers